Dip Tube Cutter Machine SPEEDCUT PRO 08

Automatic dip tube cutter machine for liquid sprayer or pump. Perfect for disinfectant and sanitizing bottles and flacons as well as for the perfume industry.

Speed cut Pro 08 is a solid and fast solution for automatic dip-tube cutting. This unit can be operated in two different ways:

manual pump insertion into a plastic sliding rail, cut will be done continuously by the machine.
automatic pump insertion by an optional automatic vibrating adjustable linear and circular sorter.
Dip tube cut length adjustment is possible by adjusting the cutting device on the correct desired position/cut length. Speed cut pro 08 has a concave cut.

Each sprayer or pump has its own requirements, as the design of the bottle determines the dip tube length. Coven Egidio helps you to find the right combination if you let us know which bottle requires a pump.

Coven Egidio High Quality Made in Italy Dip Tube Cutter Machines are the perfect solution for disinfectant and sanitizing industry as well.

Dimensions: 62x27x149 cm
Net weight: 53 kg
Operating pressure: 6 bar/87 psi
Power supply: 220V
Supplied accessories: n°1 pump fitting kit, service keys
Optional accessories:
extra fitting rail kit,
pump vibrating bow

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