It was back in 1999 when Marco Pagetti, founder of Coven Egidio and main mechanical designer, conceived Coven’s first semiautomatic diptube cutting machine in the perfume market.
Dip Tube Cutter Machines

Back then the cosmetic industry welcomed warmly such an innovative and user friendly device, as cutting micropumps diptubes was mainly a manual, and therefore slow, operation.

Since 1999, Coven Egidio developed many different versions of the Speedcut machine, in order to satisfy the different market requirements; moving from cutting only perfume diptubes with a concave shape to pierce aerosol diptubes with a more suitable V shape, providing a specific solution for every diptube cutting need of the market.

The recent events due to the Covid19 virus spread all over the world, boost our desire to meet new requirements of our clients, designing and manufacturing a new version of Speedcut called SPEEDCUT21, able to cut larger diptubes diameters, such as the ones used for liquid soap dispensers and hand sanitizer gel related products.

  • We provide high Quality dip tube cutter machines.
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  • All our dip tube cutting and other machines are made in Italy.